Immigrant Poets in Tukwila

Writing and reading poetry my poetry gave me a lot of opportunity to remind me what I have been through. The project has given me an important opportunity to talk about my life. Hodan Warsame 
I am from the pain of leaving my brother in my country and traveling to a strange place.  Nallely Hernadez 
My life is like the branch of a river. I flow continuously over many happenings. Vuong Ngo
I created a long beautiful poem that exposed all of the feelings that I felt when I was in Iraq. When I read the words of my poem I felt so excited, I wanted to write more and finish it.  Monia Hamam 
I learned many wonderful words reading and writing poetry. Dinara Chakhalova 
I am Turkish, but I am from Russia. It is so difficult to live in someone else’s country.  Ruslan Gulaliyev        
My favorite poem is “Where I Am From,” I like that poem because it feels good to write about your country and where you were born and the places you have lived in. When I wrote the poem I felt like I was in my country and that feeling was amazing to feel and also it was sad to remember…..   Khalida Lomanova 
About poetry, I like the way people write poems and express themselves; how they feel, their experiences, their cultures, in any way they want. I like almost everything about poems.  Buntu Redempter

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